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MLB 2010 Award Winners

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Below are the correct choices. If reality conflicts, please rely on this list.

National League

Arguments can be made for Pujols, Carlos Gonzalez or Troy Tulowitzki, but to this writer Votto’s is the most compelling case. He matches league leading on-base and slugging percentages with stellar defense at first. Halladay has emerged from a crowded field to be the clear winner, with ex-Brave farmhand Adam Wainwright turning in an admirable season of his own that doesn’t quite match Halladay’s. Buster Posey’s stellar September play can’t dig him out of the hole the Giants dug for him by leaving him in Fresno for so long. Aubrey Huff loses to Myers by a hair’s breadth, and I couldn’t argue with anyone who preferred his story.

American League

CC Sabathia’s team scored, on average, 3.5 runs more each start than did King Felix’s squad. Somehow, this is Felix’s fault? Felix is better than Sabathia, and the Cy Young is not a team award. Despite what Murray Chass would tell you, his generation of writers is just as enamored with statistics as are Rob Neyer and Joe Posnanski – but Murray’s generation prefer statistics invented two centuries ago.

Despite Hamilton’s missed time, he’s earned the MVP. Miggy Cabrera and Robby Cano, his closest competitiors, fall short even considering their additional playing time. While Neftali Feliz (another ex-Brave minor leaguer) has flashier numbers as a rook, Jackson’s glovework has been sensational and puts him over the top. And there’s no better story this year than Colby Lewis’ return from Pro Yakyu obscurity to sixth-place in the league in strikeouts as of this writing.

Weekly reading 9/21/10 – 9/27/10

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Weekly reading 9/14/10 – 9/20/10

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Weekly reading 9/7/10 – 9/13/10

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